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Horse stalls by CMI are available in 2 different building styles to suit your individual needs. Support post style also known as stall kits offer you the ability to select the individual grills, doors, and stall hardware to build the stalls to your individual tastes and needs.  Depending on the climate you live in and the  humidity levels in your barn, you can select your horse stalls in black steel, galvanized steel, anodized aluminum or galvanized steel mesh. All of the support post style of stalls do require support posts to be set  in place to attach the grills and lumber to.

Modular or Prefabricated horse stall fronts and walls do NOT require support posts. These stalls lock together and have the ability to free-stand, forming a box stall. This style of stall has the advantage to being able to be moved as your needs change very easily. This style of horse stall makes it very simple to add or remove walls for foaling stalls. Building a horse stall using prefab fronts and walls can be done in roughly ¼ of the time compared to a support post style of stall.

Available in enamel coated steel with a choice of colors, galvanized steel and galvanized steel mesh, these stalls offer maximum versatility for your needs now and in the future.

Need help deciding which style of stall is best for you? Call us toll free at 1-800-335-1880 and we’ll help you select to best style of horse stalls for your barn.